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We design tax consultations and implementations to reduce tax burdens on small businesses. We provide you with detailed analysis, followed by resources in the form of our dedicated team of tax attorneys. Our experts specialize in the intricacies and tax liabilities of small businesses.

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When it comes to tax savings for your business, can you really be sure your accountant is doing the most for you? We have found over the years that the answer tends to be “No” more times than not. In fact, Profit Management Solutions is so confident we will help your business save money on your taxes, we guarantee at least a $5000 savings or the business assessment is absolutely free!

CPA Accountant vs. Tax Attorney

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 Their focus is primarily on post tax transactions (accounting for the ongoing financial data) and, tax compliance (consists primarily of quarterly and annual tax reporting) for the business as well as the business owner/partners.

Tax Attorney

Their focus is on initiating legal pre-tax strategies based on the IRS Tax Law Code. Their purpose is to create the most effective tax plan to allow the business to legally implement strategies throughout the year to minimize federal income tax liability. For our clients, this means an average federal income tax reduction of 33% to 37%.

Don’t feel bad if you are using a CPA/Accountant—you are not alone. Your accountant has likely been handling your business taxes, and you have just trusted in his/her judgment to do what is best for your business, without giving it much thought about additional tax savings.

But you are missing out on tax savings you could be taking advantage of by having a tax attorney look at your business. And we have the solution for you.

Profit Management Solutions works closely with your accountant, NOT independent of them. We are a contingency firm: we don’t make a dime unless we save people money.